Wall Running

Hi Everyone, I’m working on a open world RPG and I just wanted to know if anyone knew how to set a wall running blueprint?

Here’s what I managed to find in a quick search on youtube. There’s likely to be more if it doesn’t suit your needs. =)

Yeah I saw this but it didnt help much. Thank you though

Sounds like a big implemention with no short answer to it. But as a starting point, you can set characters max slope angle to 90 so he can walk any surface. Then you need to have your animation blueprint check the slope angle to change the animation to wall running animation, and have a transformation animation where your character rotates 90 degrees to walk against the wall. Otherwise the transformation between ground walk and wall walk will look just buggy, no matter how complex blueprints you have set up.

Visually, instead of rotating the character for wall running it would be better to simply use animations where the character’s body is aligned to the wall.

Thanks I’m definitely going to give that a shot. Thanks again

Hey checkout this tutorial on wall running :slight_smile: It’s lengthy but is a very solid wall run implementation (plus double jumping)