Wall, room, house workflow

Hi, after some attempts to get something good, I’m here to ask for your help with some best practices with workflow.

i can’t find a workflow to build some real and existing apartment or house without issues in lightmap baking.

For example “my grandma house” (WIP) is one big static mesh made with walls/ceilings/floors in one group and stairs/windows and details grouped apart.

I suppose that isn’t the right way to achieve what i expect in UE4.

First of all yeah… i came from Sketchup, i’ ve done something nearly OK in past with UE4 but it was one room and on a one single floor (my home, image 3).

I can’t find a way to group and organize my rooms without going crazy,.
My goal is a playable walktrough from the street to the house, so i’ve to bake light even in the external wall.

Should i group faces inside every room and group external faces in another group(img 4) or suggest to keep solid mesh ?

I use a Sketchup to 3ds max workflow. I attached a picture of a project that I’m currently working on. Everything other than the props were done in Sketchup. I use the solids tool in Sketchup and create one big solid. Then I break the solid apart by faces. Each wall in this project is it’s own mesh. I split the trim at the corners into groups. The fireplace was it’s own solid and I broke it down into probably 40-50 meshes, to make it easier to uv map in 3ds max. Every mesh needs a texture assigned to it in sketchup before exporting to 3ds max, otherwise you’ll get errors in UE4 for some reason.

My mesh would look like your example B. The only reason I make it a solid mesh first, is so there aren’t overlapping meshes. In my picture from the previous post, there isn’t any interior wall behind the base trim for example. I attached pictures of my workflow in sketchup. The most important thing in sketchup is to export with texture assigned to every face, like in my example 3. If not, you’ll get mikktspace tangent errors in ue4 and bad lightmap on some meshes.

Thank you guys, i’m really excited by results obtained so far. I’ve other question, maybe borderline for this topic. Now i’m stuck with jagged shadow on some meshes edge.

Like this:


And why here is ok?? (same side of apartment)

And what is going on with this furniture reflection/light bounce? It seems like an emissive material but is only a rough (0.85) wooden mesh