Wall Physics?

So I purchased a vehicle pack and a material pack, and noticed that my vehicle behaves differently depending on the surface it bumps into.

Some materials appear to allow me to make contact and provide some resistance, which is perfect. While others just act like superglue and stop my vehicle dead in its tracks, some meshes even appear to have invisible boxes around them that make that frictionless.

Being a noob I would really appreciate any feedback one might give me to achieve my goals for this level!

Thanks in advance for any useful info!


https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=ue4+tutorial+collision :slight_smile:


I have seen this before, I dont understand how these 3 options, Block, Overlap, Ignore, could dictate such a wide variety of responses though. Maybe I should experiment a bit, as I find the documentation very confusing.

Edit: That didn’t take long, looks like the physical material override was exactly what I was looking for!