Wall jumping (I'm this close to have it right)


I thought I had it right yesterday, but after some thorough testing, it’s not quite it.

I made a scheme to represent the expected result and the unwanted result. There’s also a link to a video of what I managed to achieve, but as you’ll see there’s a itch when I launch off the wall and it’s quite obvious that I haven’t done it right in my BP. Anybody would be willing to guide me on the right track? If you need more info, just ask,

Thank you!

EDIT 1:It has nothing to do with animation transition, the blend time is set to 0.
EDIT 2: Updated the scheme
EDIT 3: Uploaded a new attachment that shows what happens in the video.

The figures represent the trajectory of the wall jump from a up top view, I put the axis at the bottom left corner to help understand better what it represent. I put a picture of the test room from the video in the same perspective as the figures to help you understand better.

I circled the nodes I think are at fault in red. (here’s the wall jump BP, image was too big to attach)

EDIT: take a close look at the video (try playing it at 0.25 speed), at 00:09 when I land on the wall it’s fine, but when I launch off the wall my character spin around for a fraction of second as if he’d launch towards the wall and just bounce off.

Figure 4 from unwanted result was wrong, I corrected the scheme.

This is what happens in the video.

Here, if I could get the angle value I think I could fix my problem.

EDIT: nvm that it wouldn’t work, man I’m bad at math, that’s why I use BP.
EDIT 2: WELL, it would work if the protractor was static to the world.