Wall Jump system not working?

I’m new to blueprints and am still getting the hang of how everything works, so I’m not surprised this doesn’t work first time. However I’d like to learn more about how blueprints can be used so I would like to get this system sorted!
I tried creating a simple wall jump system within the first person template. The way it works to me logically seems to make sense; Jump pressed > Bool true? (wallJump collision overlapping?) > yes, launch character > velocity = Character movement Z * 1.5.
Is there something in this logic that would not work in UE4? Is the logic on the right track but the actual blueprint itself is wrong? Or is it a both? I don’t think the collision box I’m using for the Wall Jump is being read as overlapping when colliding with a wall or any other object. How would I be able to get a box collision component to fire nodes when overlapping with walls? I’ve tried changing the collision settings of both the component and walls but it still doesn’t work. Thanks for taking the time to help, I’ve provided a screenshot below.
All help appreciated! 1012 wallJump.png

So I managed to get the system itself to function properly. The problem was the “Generate Overlap Event” in the walls was not set, so enabling this allowed the collision box to read an overlap with the wall. My problem now is creating the launch settings. At the moment, for test purposes, the wall jump will launch the character up along the Z axis by 1200 and along the X axis by -1200. Obviously the problem here is that if the character is already moving along the negative X axis, it will send the character into the wall he’s wall jumping off of, not moving at all other than up. What would be the best solution for this issue?
I’m thinking I create a system whereby it will read the character’s X and Y axis. If either of them are negative it will send them in the positive direction, and vise versa. However I’m not entirely sure this would play out the way I expect it to. What sort of system would work best? Would it be worth getting the rotation of the wall the character jumped off of and working off that?
All help appreciated!