Wall Collision Help...

I’m the newbie using the unreal engine.

This is my way to build my interior and exterior.
1st step. Use Sketchup to build the wall.
2nd step. Export to 3ds max

But my question is… If i export the wall from 3ds max to Unreal Engine.
how do i setup my wall collision in simple way.

couse if i just put a simple box collision… then my actor can’t go in.

so did i really has to build my wall side by side? Normally i used to “Attached” all my walls in 3ds max.

This is some messed up way to create a cube.
Why make a wall in sketchup, why import it to 3d max(you can just make in 3s max, how much licences do you have), you can a make a wall in ue

  1. If i use 3ds max i need alot time and sketchup can be faster.

  2. sketch can make cleaner.