Wall climbing

Hello, I am currently working on an unofficial Spider Man game project. I have looked at every tutorial there is on the topic of wall climbing, none of the tutorials worked after hours of viewing. I was wondering if anyone out there has a template/project where I can copy the wall climbing code, or if anyone has instructions on how to do it. I have been working on this for so long and id be ecstatic if you could help me out. :slight_smile:

So here’s my logic on this.
At the point where you want to grab the wall…
First thing is to turn off gravity on the player pawn
then make sure you’re pressed against the wall at the right distance, usually by shooting a line trace and breaking the hit result for the location
setting your location to that location, or rather to an offset from that location. (can also use the hit normal to shoot a vector backwards from the wall)
decide how you want to move about the wall, you may use a boolean to step on your general movement nodes and instead use something that’s directed by the hit normal
decide how you want to jump off of the wall and return to a falling state and revert the controls back to your general controls

These kinds of custom movement options get really cluttered really fast, so that’s why I’m only giving you a small blurb. But this is how I go about any new movement logic. I’ve made wall climbing and rope swinging for VR projects, and the rope swinging in particular took me about 3 months to smooth out. The project fell through though, so now I’m hoping to turn it into a market asset.

Thank you so much, I am going to go forward with these steps, I will notify you if I have made any progress.

Is this the kinda movement you were think about?
I am going to release a project that will make this possible with Pawn/FP Character and TP Character pretty soon. Will post an update video with a download link when it’s finished.

You don’t really see it in the video, but you can run up on straight walls no problem.
Sadly, there is almost nothing online about how to do this kinda stuff. Took a long friggin time to figure out. :confused: