Wall Climber Spider Plugin

Hello, I created a spider that is able to walk on walls and ceilings.

I decided to do this first because I will use it in my project, and then because I never saw anywhere someone who was able to create something like this(if they did, they’re keeping it secret lol), so I’m pleased to share my work with you.

It’s done in C++ for better performance, you can see a video below:

This is a plugin for UE_4.26

You can find it here: UE4 Wall Climber Spider

For any question, tips, improvements, feel free to ask, thank you.


This is great. There’s very few solutions online for this type of movement and it’s been driving me nuts. Would I be able to take the project and convert it entirely to Blueprint? Is the code commented out pretty well? I’m proficient in C++ but new to using it as part of Unreal

The base code for moving and making the spider walk on walls is in C++ , the rest is exposed to blueprint, you will find an example with all you need in the content plugin folder.
The code is commented as much as possible for better understanding.

Thank you for your comment.

Works great with UE4.26 but get a blueprint compile error with UE5. Do you have plans to update?

I don’t use UE5, it’s still in early access, what the compile error says?
Did you compiled first the plugin for UE5?

Thank you for your purchase.

I think I fixed the issue. PlaySlotAnimation is deprecated in UE5. I replaced with PlaySlotAnimationAsDynamicMontage + GetPlayLength which seems to work.

Great! This will help other people if they upgrade to UE5, thanks.

how to change the mesh to a third person character?

This was made specifically for pawns characters, with the third person character system there are some problems that makes it not work properly.
I did lot of testing and fixed bugs, so this is the best way to make an advanced spider system.

Hi my third person character is a pawn an AI/NPC, is it possible also?

Yes, you can change the skeletal mesh, what do you want to use it for?
I don’t recommend using it for human characters, this was designed for use specifically with spiders and similar creatures that crawl on wall and ceilings.

Hi i want to use it for my creature character which is a humanoid

Then it should be ok, there’s an example blueprint with description of the system and a map in the plugin content folder where you can see how it works.