So, I loaded the UE4 Mannequin into my level and I attached the player start to it, but it doesn’t move when I try walking.
How can I get a model I load to walk, like to make a playable character.

Is the model you put into the level meant to be AI controlled?

You have to add a gamemode in your world settings -> now when you press play, it will spawn the character bp and you will be abel to play :slight_smile:

Where is this “gamemode” at? What settings?

It depends on which template you use :slight_smile: -> when you dont use a template, you will have to create one: https://docs.unrealengine/latest/INT/Gameplay/Framework/GameMode/index.html
Here are the settings that I mean:

Thank you, I found it, but I still am unable to control the mannequin.

What happens now?
-which template do you use?
-check your project settings if you can find some axis inputs

yeah the only thing I can think of is that you do a few things

  1. Set up Axis inputs
  2. Set up the animation blueprint class for the character
    and in the game mode settings set the Animation Mode to use Animation blueprint and make sure Anim Blueprint Generated Class is set to the Anim Blueprint of that character otherwise you will get movement without any animation.

Make sure you import it with ue4 mannequin skeleton and also maybe change the animation blueprint class for the character

I am not using a template…

Then you will have to create everything from scratch.
This tutorial will help you: