Walking through walls

hello, in my game you have to press certain keys to be able to do certain things. i am having trouble though with this: when player presses “D” he can walk through certain walls. how do i make this event happen??

Hi CadetDraeGaming,

I believe what you are looking for this a custom Collision Channel. You can set this up by going to Edit > Project Settings > Engine > Collision.

  • Under the Object Channel section, create a new object channel

  • Name it whatever you like (mine was ‘ClipThruObject’ and set the default response to ‘Block’

  • Create a blueprint actor of the object (wall) that you want to walk through

  • In the Static Mesh Component collision settings, set the Collision Presets to ‘Custom’ and the Object Type to ‘ClipThruObject’

  • In your character blueprint, toggle the collision using a ‘Set Collision Response to Channel’ node

Let me know if that works for you.