Walking through Static Mesh with BlockAll

Hey all,

I currently have a spherical room set up with a static mesh and basic circular floor. There is a slight gap between the floor and the wall as I am lighting the room from underneath the floor.

My problem at the moment is that my character can walk straight through the walls of the circular room. I have tried creating a blocking volume in that space and that hasn’t worked. I also have BlockAll on the mesh and that doesn’t seem to be doing anything. More rectangular blocking volumes that I drop in work fine but for some reason this sphere shape doesn’t work. Have started with the first person template so I don’t think it’s anything to do with my character blueprint.

See attachments for the sphere and the floor.

Any ideas? Really appreciate your help.

Hi Russell,

Did you create the mesh starting as a BSP/Geometry brush or did you make this in an external modeling program?
Can you post a screen shot of this in the Mesh editor/viewer with the collision button selected so that I can see if there is a collision model for your mesh?

If you do not have a collision mesh setup for your model it will not work by selecting “BlockAll.”

Thank you!


Thanks for responding Tim!

I made two objects as a BSP - one additive sphere that’s larger, one subtractive that’s smaller. See attached but it looks like I might not have a collision mesh… How do I create a collision mesh based off the static mesh?

Attached is a shot of the mesh in the editor.

No problem! :slight_smile:

You’re right that it doesn’t have the collision mesh. BSPs have collision within them but a static mesh needs to have it created by using some different methods outlined in one of our community moderators Collision tutorial:


Using the option in the mesh details under Collision Complexity > “Complex collision as simple” will get it working much more quickly.

If you still have questions feel free to ask! :slight_smile:


Thanks! Complex collision as simple works perfectly but it’s good to know the other methods too.