Walking Simulator Character Implementation

HELP! Need someone to add a slow moving, first person, walking simulator character to my project. I am a composer and I’m working on an assignment composing music for the Particle Effects Cave Demo and I am not at all familiar with unreal. Can anyone help me? The assignment will not be commercially released and It will only be shown to my professor. I will pay small fee for anyone who can help me!

Since no one else has offered, I am willing to lend you a hand. You can email me exactly what you need and I can either

A. Walk you through how to do this via a screenshare in my private discord server.
B. You give me access to the project you want this done in and I can do it myself and let you have the project back with it done.

Email Me [EMAIL=“”]


like i said in your other post man use the arch viz character, i even linked you the tutorial on how to set it up

you can even use the first person character and set the mesh to hidden in game, there is zero need to pay for something this simple when it already comes free with the engine

so mr helpie helper, why didnt you just offer to do it for him for free then? i mean its not like anyone would ever pay someone to do a simple task just because they dont want to do it themselves. next time i see a sandwich store, i am going to stand outside their store and tell people they are crazy to pay for a sandwich when its so simple to make one for themselves.


helping someone learn to do something is way better than just doing it for them. what, you want to charge him to press a few buttons? fine ill post a step by step guide for him.

step 1. open project and go to edit>plugins
step 2. in the right top corner search for Arch
step 3. tick the box to enable it
step 4. in the content browser right click and choose blueprint, under the create basic asset category. create a game mode base. call it anything you want
step 5. go to window>world settings and in game mode override set it to the one you just created
step 6. in the same place just below, set the default pawn class to ArchViz Character and the default hud to none

that’s it, that’s all you need, unless the default key bindings have been changed, if that’s the case and you cannot move let me know and i’ll show you how to set that up