Walking on new static mesh

I created a new game with a 3rd person template. Then used a BSP Box Brush to make another floor. I converted the BSP Box Brush to a static mesh and now the character just falls through the floor. I cant find what box to check to make the static mesh walkable or maybe i missed a check box when I converted the BSP Box brush to a static mesh.

Click on the actor in the view port or the world outliner and look for Collision Preset in details and select the preset you want to use.

solved from here https://forums.unrealengine.com/showthread.php?1268-Problem-with-collision-settings-for-static-mesh

There is a video explaining 3 different ways to create collisions. Go watch it.

Brief explanation is after you create your static mesh with your BSP Brush you open it from the content browser. Then you find the tab for collisions, its up next to the file and help tab. click on it and pick 1, that creates a primitive for collision witch is what I was missing. You can put multiple primitives on a static mesh so make sure to remove the previous one if you chose a new one.

Thanks for the reply OverRated_AU when I tried that it would not work until i learned about the missing primitive. Now it works.