Walking backwards

Hi guys just wondering how I add a walking backwards animation to my charatcer.
At the moment when I press the s key on the keyboard it just plays the character run forward animation and the player runs backwards which looks stupid.

I have made some attempt to get it to work but have got stuck

I don’t have a walk backwards animation with my character so what i did was take an animation from another model skeleton.

i retargeted my skeleton so it works with the new animation.

But how do i add this new walking backwards animation ? in my locomotion it only has entry to run which is affected by the speed variable. So basically when the speed variable increases it goes from idle to run.

I tried making a new blendspace with the walk backwards into idle into run thinking that when the speed decreased into negative numbers this would make it play the walk backwards animation

but instead this just made it so that the player was walking backwards on the spot without even pressing anything on the keyboard then when the speed increased by pressing w to move forward it would go to idle to run same as normal.

I dont see anything anywhere for when the character goes backwards.


Common guys someone must know , please help. It’s not like I’m not trying I’ve made the animation etc I just need to know how to plug it in.

I done some experimenting even when going backward speed is still increasing so I think I need to maybe add some kind of direction variable maybe?? As the input for backwards movement is -1.
So maybe do a check if speed is increasing and direction is greater or equal to -1 play walking backwards else play run
Something like that maybe . Or am I completely thinking wrong??

Zak Parrish shows you how to set up a character running backwards in this video series:

Hi thanks for the responce. I think that was my problem I’ve been using blendspace 1d so I think I only had acess to the speed of the character . I will try with a normal blendspace when I get home. Thanks

You know how to do it for an Ai character?

It’s the same concept. AI has a controlled rotation and a velocity. Simply put the blendspace in the AI’s anim graph instead of the players and hook everything else up the same.

You know how to reverse velocity? making a forward direction backward? Pawns seems to want to move forward regardless of the blend space direction

Like with player you need 2 directions: where you go and where you look. For example if you look north and you walk north then you walk forward, but if you look north but you walk south then you walk backward. You make difference between those two and feed it to the blendspace. For example, for player character you can take camera direction from mouse and walk direction from kb and use that. For AI you should also give some direction where it looks which is different from the direction where it wants to walk and use that.

For AI there’s a set focus node that works connected to actors, but no node for focus vector that im aware of.

You can use dummy actor?