Walking animation....character's feet slipping/sliding over ground when walking

So, I’m making a little project for learning Unreal Engine. Small 3rd person action RPG. I set up my player third person characters movements with all the animations. This includes idle, walking, running, standard attack (left mouse button, with 3 different animations), 3 special skill attacks, blocking, jumping, being hit, dying. Everything is set up well, transitions are nice and smooth. Pretty happy with the setup. I have only one problem: When the character is walking, his feet are sliding while walking over the ground. So, the walking animation is working, but it looks weird, because with every step, while one foot is on the ground, the foot slips/slides forward on the ground. By the way, I am using a character mesh I purchased on the Unreal Market Place that came with the animations.

My questions:

Is this a problem with the actual animation, meaning the walking animation is not set up correctly? Or is it something I can fix in the Unreal Engine with settings? Is this issue related to the walking speed (I tried around with different walking speeds, but it did not really fix it.)

Thank you!

The problem is not with the animation but with the constant velocity of the movement component which the character is bound to when using in place animation. To correct the problem for each step that the component moves forward the animation needs to be pulled backwards so that the anchored foot remains grounded to counter the constant velocity.

Can I do that directly in the Animation Editor of Unreal Engine or do I have to do that in a 3rd party 3d software?

Sure should be easy enough to do in UE4.

Ok…I will give it a try. Thanks!

Hey, can you elaborate a bit on how it is possible to pull animation backward while movement component moves forward in bp, please and thank you in advance.