Walkable Slope Sliding animation

I’ll probably hack this together and publish a tutorial, however I wanted to gather some popular consensus on why there aren’t any tutorials or options that by default allow for the character to slide Off the sloped surface rather then enter a jumping state.
It’s not a theoretically hard thing to do - the issue I have is that the character just up and Jumps with the default movement component - who thought that would be a good default behavior???

The character does the jump animation because engine thinks it’s falling (which is technically true) but like if you ever got around to making a tutorial, please link it I could use it right now

Its not finished.

In essence.
Set the walkable to 70 or so. 90 if you want to always manage it yourself.

Hook the tick even into the capsule component find floor result. Check the slope from the impact normal.
decide what to do.

you can normalize and apply the impact normal as x2 to the input to get the character to move away.
combine this to a slope animation and thats that.

Making the chatacter fall is a different conundrum.
If the slope is higher then 55 or so just ragdoll. (How you do it is up to you. Physical animation being the best imho).
getting up ON a sloped surface is the complicated part.

I would look into custom movement mode instead of having it go into falling mode after doing the checks change it to custom mode 1 or 2 that way in animbp doesn’t go into jump anim state but instead use the custom movement mode to make it go into another sliding state and maybe use calc velocity to modify the speed, friction etc or what ever you want to do. Never tried it but I’ve used the custom movement mode for different situation like going up a ladder and is already replicated if you looking into multiplayer :slight_smile: once again might work might not. Cheers!

Just set the node to nothing. Set it back to walking or falling as needed.