Walkable plane


Is there an option to make a plane above the ground and let the character walk through it, but the camera will bounce of this plane (not flight through) the plane?

Here is my setup: Plane has IgnoreOnlyPawn collision preset

Character is a default UE character.

When I get inside the plane I see this:

My camera is stuck in the plane and I see the bottom beneath the plane.

Of course I can set the plane to ignore the camera too:

But in this case I can move my camera below the plane surface and that is what I need to prevent:

This is probably being caused by how your Spring Arm is set up.

Without seeing the blueprint, I don’t know exactly what settings you’re using, but I’ve found it’s best to use Socket Offset to adjust the Camera position, rather than changing the Transform settings. This seems to give it more stable behavior in general.

If that doesn’t solve the problem, you may also try going into Project Settings and dialing down the Near Clip Plane.

I tried replicating your demo in my project, and the camera just slides along the surface rather than poking through it, and those are my settings. It doesn’t bounce, though. Not sure how to do that.

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Thank you, the Near Clip Plane setting to 0.01 made it!

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