Walkable o'Neill cylinder?

What’s the best way to make collision for a large hollow cylinder that player’s inside of? It’s positively huge so I don’t think ordinary concave polygon collider would be smooth enough. Basically I want to create a walkable o’Neill cylinder.

My previous attempt solution was to just disable collisions for the thing, place a huge flat invisible box for player to walk on and make cylinder follow the player with rolling-like action.

Looks visually fine, but this approach have numerous issues, such as player being able to walk through objects protruding from the surface as the most obvious one, the second is necessity to prevent player from running around in circles (walls in the video), since the plane isn’t infinite, just huge. Another is you can’t have any physical objects, like boxes, since they would fall straight down (and through the thing) from the player’s perspective.

You can try setting Collision Complexity to “Use Complex Collision as Simple” in the mesh editor, but it’s quite expensive, especially for complex objects like that.