Walkable Floor Angle Problem (UE4 4.26.2) (Blueprint)

Hi I’m new in UE4 so please try to explain minutely if you have an answer :slight_smile:

I’m creating a simple system for walk on walls (roofs, spheres, etc) is basically getting floor normal (current floor) to make an appropriate rotation of character on that wall and then making “gravity” to stick to that surface, the problem appears when my character reaches floor normal> 40 … the player starts falling, I searched in forums so I found that the solution of that is changing the Walkable Floor Angle to more than 40 degrees and here is another problem … UE4 can 't set 90+ degrees (To be able to walk in roofs face down) so I’m wondering if there’s anyway of creating my own CharacterMovement with all of the default CharacterMovement but without that limitation and if it’s how to do it?

As I said I’m new on UE4 so be patient :,I (I have some basic C ++ knowledge)