walk up stairs how to

Sory for my bad englisg :stuck_out_tongue:

Im new to ue4 and ned some help how to make my character walk up stairs With anim for walking up the stair.

Have some animations for walking up stairs And i dont know how to “blueprint” this
just ned some god tutorials or links.

And it is a third persone game.

Please help

If you look at the third person project in the Learn tab of the Epic launcher, you will start on a small level with a set of stairs. You can see the PC climb the stairs normally. :slight_smile: The walk animation copes with the stairs automatically, as long as the stair is physics-enabled (the game can tell when the PC’s foot collides with the step).

Or are you talking about an animation where, for example, the PC uses the bannister while walking up the stairs?

Are you talking bout Foot IK? That could be implemented for the feet to align with any uneven terrain, including stairs. I dont know what Jezcentral was talking about. In the basic third person project, the character does not have foot IK and does not use different locomotion animations for stairs. The capsule just collides with the stairs, but the animation doesnt

This is correct. I was just trying to get the OP clarify what the problem was; whether (s)he knew that you coud walk up the stairs anyway, or if they were looking to carry out a particular action when doing so. However, you were right that I was mistaken about the foot colliding with the stairs. Thanks for picking up on that. :slight_smile:

It would be great If Unreal had a foot IK demo, or added it to the third person template. I know that its in the content examples, but the way its set up there hasn’t seemed to work for me.

+1 for that
Or a tutorial series would be cool. :smiley:

They do! It’s in the content examples, I believe, as part of the animation content. Our buddy in the trenchcoat illustrates an IK foot example :slight_smile:

Except it really doesn’t work well when taken out of its own context, at least for beginners. If there was a tutorial or an add-on or something that could be incorporated into a new project, that would be cool.

Yeah that would be great. I do know ikenima offers that, but Im sure UE4 is capable of it without the ikenima addon.

Thanks guys.
Foot IK would do great. now i know what to look for.

found something on youtube______ Two bone ik demo___ and its look promesing
Hopefoly it wil work on daz3d model.

It should work on any model with bones. Ik systems can be used for a variety of things, on a variety of character types.

Now how to add animations for walking up/down stairs though?

like a handrail grab or what?
A specific walk cycle for the step?

and are you asking on a logical perspective as in “how can the character tell he’s on a staircase?” Or just how to add an animation specific for it regardless of logic?