Walk up stairs animation on level sequence

Hello everyone ,normaly i working on level design but this time im trying to add some animation to make cinematic shoots
My problem is with walk up or down stairs . First of all im just a beginner .İ find a free character and rigged on maya then i upload to mixamo.com and with mixamo i added walk up stair animation to my character .Everythings look perfect but when i add my character on level sequence after 2 steps on stair character going back to start point . When i copy same animation after first one still same problem .i try with i think it was called “root motion” (like never end walk cycle in same position) .this time character going up down ,up down .
i just want to make it no stop ,no back to first position until he climp stair .

my second question is with walk cycle .i can move my chatacyer with transform location but its sliding at start point going slow then its walking great ,when he close to end point he is sliding and slowing again .Please some tips guys .Searching tutorial videos like 4 days but cant find anything about it
i realy made good level design ,working like 2-3 months on it but animation is ruined my all work

its probably because the animation is using root motion but you aren’t correctly setting it up to drag the capsule component along.

Try to use this command. while playing in editor press ` and type “show collision”.
You’ll then see the vharacter capsule and can determine if the problem is the fact it doesn’t move or something else.

1-) here is animation without root motion ,i dont know is it normal or not when character move location position doesn’t moving


2-) dublicated same animation several times to make keep continiue for walk up but its look like this,its going to back to starting position


3-) this is how its look like with root motion


4-) and lastly added some location transfor while root motion is active but again animation is too short for my stair i need dublicate it , when first animation finish and second one start character making awkward moves


EDIT: after couple more try i think i fix the problem at 4.gif its not going down anymore ,need to add some new key frame for z position but its still not smooth trasition couse of first animeta finishing and second start . ( sorry for my bad english btw )

I would suggest truncating the T pose off the animation.
it really should not start with a T pose in the first place…

mate i think you dont understand my problem . character not starting with T pose . its not even 0 key when he is on T pose its negative key ,not including any animation in there .
if you talking about first gif ,animation has only 30 frags there when animation is over its going T pose couse there is no other animation for character after 30.frag

i need that animation like 180 maybe more frags to climb all stair couse with 30 frags its only walking 2 steps .When i add same animation again and again for make more frags ,when the first animation finish its going to start position again. To solve this problem i use location transfor but Character already going forward with animation (no root motion) .with location transfor its going forward like flash .

Since you are doing things in sequencer, why not just teleport the character at the starting position of where it left off?
it would be much easier, since the 1st example works fine…

This would basically be equivalent to properly setting up root motion - which I’m not sure your animation is properly setup for by looking at what you are showing.

The other thing to check is that the animations can actually properly cycle without hitches.
you may be better off taking it to something like Blender and creating a smooth animation that covers however many steps you need for the footage instead…

i am appreciated for you answer , thanks a lot for give me your time to help me .

I can only see two ways of doing this. Root motion of climbing stairs created in other softtware or using control rig in sequencer (animating in sequencer timeline).

If i am not wrong, sequencer doesnt give you the flexibility to cue the final adjustment for a non-root motion clip which was animated over the timeline. What you are going to see is floating and miscue feet.

Did you ever figure this out? I’m facing the same problem and it seems like the whole internet doesn’t have answer to it.

From Mixamo please select In Place animation. (it is the last check box on the right-hand side of the motion picker in the Mixamo screen.

Now just match transform by the frequency of the walk motion.