Walk Through a box - Step Up in same box

I’m trying to do like a old school platform game, that you have a box, you can walk throught it and if you jump, you can Step on it.
it should be very easy, but I didn’t figure it out.
I tried in box start overlapped to enable disable collision if the pawn has Z axis positive and enable collision in Z axis negative. But it doesn’t worked.
Any Ideas ?

The pawn must walk throught that box and should step up that box!

You could add an Trigger Volume above the Platform that when the Player intersects with it, it enables collision on the Platform.

So it would need to be high enough that the Player doesnt accidentally walk through it, but also low enough that when they jump they can touch the Trigger Volume and enable the collision.

Mayve have a variable for isJumping and isFalling tied to your collision. Disable the collision on isJumping and isWalking and enable it on isFalling.

Great idea! I’ll try it!

It worked, so simple! thank you!