Walk Speed

I am newbie in unreal engine. I just want to use for architectural visualization . I am using UE4 . my problem is , I have player start and this does not have wall speed option , but in tutorial I saw there is First person shooter so he select that and adjust the walk speed. I need it because in play preview the movement is too fast. I want to send the package as play preview to client but first want to fix this. in project settings i am in Gamemode base. how can I add this FPS to my scene and define it as my default spawn player? I could just add feature and add FPS to content but
I do not know how to use that. is there a way so I can do that? I’ll appreciate If someone can help me, thank you for your time

I am a newbie too, and experiencing troubles of my own!

For walk speed, I did and redo a good tutorial about characters, but only third person… To me, the walk speed can be defined first in the Blend Space of your character, when you dragged your walking animation in, and in the nodes inside the blue print of your character. I followed the tutorial in French to set my blue print, I don’t know if there are other ways to work, but
I have 2 nodes in it named “Set” in which I can define the walk speed, so the computer know s when the character is supposed to walk and when it is supposed to run.
I hope this helps…
Good luck, I know it is difficult, but it’s fascinating to learn Unreal! :slight_smile:

For whichever template you are going from, you need to find the character that is the player. It is called FPSCharacter for the fps template and thirdpersoncharacter for the TP template. You can find this from your game mode and use the magnifying glass to locate it.

The character movement component of the character class is what controls all movement properties - walk, acceleration and braking, jumping, air control, etc. You will find Max Walk Speed as Aya Tendou mentions. It’s worth adjusting the parameters in this component to refine the overall feeling of player navigation.


thank youuuu, I will try :)**