Walk, Run, Jump, and Fly?

Hi everyone,

I’m new to unreal, i just finished the third person tutorial…it was great and everything works perfectly. I now want to add into it a jetpack/or superhero style hover and fly capability. So my character will be able to idle, walk, run, jump, hover, and fly super fast. Is there any documentation on the steps needed to add this type of functionality. I thought I’d ask before stumbling through this over the next week.



I haven’t done this myself, but there are two parts I think might help. Depending on how you want the “fly” to work, you could disable physics on the actor to allow them to move without gravity (will require some changes to the control scheme, I imagine). Another useful function I have found is the “Launch character”. You could theoretically have it so while the player holds space, every second (or less) that space is held, launch the player up.

Sorry if that’s not much help

Thanks Chumble. That’s not quite what I need, but the effort is appreciated (there isn’t a lot of info on this topic out there). Basically I want to control the character in the air like he’s Superman (for example) able to fly as easily as he can walk. Your gravity idea sounds good, but there must be another way…I’m not sure how to hook up the fly attribute on the Character Movement Component. I would prefer the character to enter fly by double jumping…I don’t know. It would be nice to have a tutorial. Another would be to have a character go from walking, running, dive, and swim. Can anyone at Epic help with this one?



You probably would have a better luck investing time in implementing your own character movement component, in C++, by extending existing ones.
There are ways to add additional mode into CharacterMovement component, but it’s not straight forward and you don’t have those handy booleans that you can toggle with. Also, you would need to handle those replication as well in blueprint(unless you are aiming for a single player game). With C++ you can probably copy/paste the codes and rename vars to have extra modes available to you quicker than just blueprint.

my 2 cents.

I think there’s actually a youtube tutorial I saw on creating the double jump where the developer does at least part of this by accident.

Thanks for all your help so far. I’ve been able to figure out how to add the double jump to fly. This post helped quite a bit: . Now I’m stuck on the Event Graph to get my animation working. I’m posting what I have. When the EventBlueprintUpdateAnimation>isValid is connected to in the IsInAir? my character’s run and jump animation will play but the fly animation won’t. When the EventBlueprintUpdateAnimation>IsValid is connected to the IsFlying? when you do a double jump the character’s fly animation will play, but there’s no walking-running animation. Is it possible to hook up both graphs to the same EventBlueprintUpdateAnimation?


Me again. I was able to get it working by connecting a sequence node (I also cleaned up the graph a bit). Now I need to work on the flying speed to work with my blendspace.

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 5.53.28 PM.png

Have you gotten this to work? I am trying to get thrust in a 2D game, but Im not sure how to set the thrust to come from a certain spot on my character.