Walk/Run for lower body while playing animation

Is it possible to play an animation, like equip weapon, for the upper body and continue the walk/run state for the lower body?
I could block movement for the time the animations takes (~ 3 sec.), but i wonder if there is another solution.

Check out this tutorial on Additive animation

You could use a Slot in the anim graph. Create a cached pose of whatever you are using for your combat anims in the anim graph so far (for example after the aim offset) and feed this cached pose twice into a “Layered blend per bone”. First input just direct and a further time with a Slot between. E.g. a Slot named “UpperBody”. Afterwards choose a bone at the “Layered blend per bone” node. For example spine_01, 02 or some clavicle. If you are done then you could just fire any animation montage via “Montage Play” or even a normal anim sequence via “Play Slot Animation as Dynamic Montage” in the Event Graph of your anim-BP to play at that “UpperBody” Slot and because you’ve split this up via some “Layered blend per bone” previously it only changes the bones upwards the defined bone. You could even do this twice for your combat and non-combat states or if you would use another bone if you are crouched.