Walk/roll normal in slow motion

hey my friends

i want to create a ability like “freeze time” in my game ! i can make it with Set Global Dilation Time or slomo command and set Custom Dilation Time for my character but its not working just like way i want , my character still walking slow

is there any way to my character walk normal ?

thanks for your helps

Try setting a sphere component around your pawn that, when the function is fired, everything that != self will be affected by a time dilation. I would set this sphere to just outside of vision range so that everything in that sphere is slowed down except the player, who should be able to act as normal. This will prevent you from having to affect global time dilation, which may be overriding your custom time dilation.

you say i must use “Get All Overlapping Actors” in my sphere and set each actor’s custom dilation ? but it’s doesn’t work because i want to slow anything not just actors

What are you trying to slow down exactly? A large portion of objects, actors, etc can be slowed down using this sphere method: actors, particle systems, blueprints, projectiles, etc.

i’m trying to slow down everything else my player pawn

Hi Gentleman72,

Can you post a screenshot of your blueprints where you are attempting the time dilation?

what you say work correctly on Player Character but I’m working on a Ball Rolling game and this not working on ball

Hi Gentleman72,

Can you post a screenshot of your blueprints? I may be able to see what is occurring and how best to address it.

something like this :

everything work correctly but my ball still moving(rolling) slow

Hi Gentleman72,

Try using a multiply node on the Custom Time Dilation. Set it to a multiply like this: Time Dilation X 100 = Custom Time Dilation. This will set the Custom Time Dilation back to 10 while directly accessing the Time Dilation that you set in the global float value.