walk player character from a to b via blueprint

hi everybody,
i really hope this is a simple thing to achieve but i really dont get into it myself.

i have my player character nik who is protagonist of my point & click game i am working on.
in the game the character is directed by clicking with the mouse. wherever i click the player character walks to.

so at the start of some scenes i just want him to start walking into the scene and than let the player take control of him via mousclicks.
is there any way to control this via bluescript ?
i know i have to disable input for this, but i dont know how to achieve the walk mechanic
the walking animation is already there. i just need something like player walk to (x,y,z)

kind regards

You might want to dig around a bit and find where the click event is being hit for when you select somewhere for him to go. When that event is fired, there should be some functions which move the player to an X/Y/Z location - Use these functions but instead set the X/Y/Z yourself, rather than using the click location.

The node you’re looking for is “Simple Move to Location”. And for that node to work you need a Nav Mesh Bounds Volume](Navmesh Content Examples | Unreal Engine Documentation) in your scene covering all the surfaces you want your character to be able to walk on.

In your character’s blueprint you must first calculate the impact point (world coordinates) of your mouse click (screen coordinates). The impact point goes into the “goal” input of your “Simple Move to Location” node. Then you can set some nodes to turn your character to the right direction while it’s walking to the destination.

I’ve attached some blueprints of a character I’ve created with similar behavior as an example.

thx very much for answering !!
@ rabellogp: i can see no attachements
@ Dune: i thought about this too… but am very new to blueprints. Problem for me is, the movement mechanic is in my character blueprint but i would need the walk to point x,y,z mechanic in my level blueprint. how can i solve this ?

aaaahhhhh, simple move to mechanic is working in any blueprint !!!
thx very much you saved my day !!

That’s odd, I was seen them here. I’ve edited the message and re-uploaded them. Now it should work =P


Is any of this for ‘Adventure X’? That is one great looking project.
Just curious, how did the partnership with n00854180t work out?
Its the kind of project that a team of 2 could probably do very well.
Not self-nominating I work in a different genre just an observation. :slight_smile:

Hi Franktech,
thx for the compliments. Yes you are right its about “Adventure X” which nowadays calls itself “of pawns and kings”. it has evolved a lot since those old posts and i now have a full working prototype with most game mechanics running.
There has only been two real partnerships for the developement till now.
One led to a first (not final) version of the main protagonist model (which sadly wasnt finished completely) and i paid for.
The other one led to 3 really lovely pieces of music i will use in the prototype.

But otherwise everything is working great (for a one person project working in sparetime). i really am getting closer to the point when i can start a kickstarter campaign and see if i can get the crew a little bigger and increase developement speed…
if you are interested :wink:

kind regards

thx again very much for taking the time !! now i can see the attachements !!
kind regards