Walk on the wall in BP

hello guys, i have a problem, I would like to implement the walk on walls in fps template like this:

I tried to ignore the physic and i change the GravityScale on my CharacterMovementComponent but it did not work, it is the first time I do something like that and I do not know how to do, I hope someone can help me

thanks for your time.

The quick answer is: No. It’s not possible.

The longer answer is yes it kinda is possible. But the character movement component is not designed to work like that. This means you have to implement your own movement functions. It probably doesn’t have to be as complex as the character movement component but for scale: That one is 7000 lines of code.

In case you really want this: You have to do a trace at the location you expect your character to be next frame, check the hit if it’s legit and then move your character there. Keep gravity and walking off ledges in mind. As well as steps and round shapes. Since you would like this type of movement to walk on walls you also need to modify the rotation of your character. That’s quite a lot of work and I really wouldn’t recommend this for a beginner.

I hope this helps.


You might take a look at this: - YouTube

so what i need to do is to create new_simple character mouvment with c++, becouse the regular one is not designed for that

cant i do that via blueprints?