Walk mode in collab viewer punts me across the world

So, I’ve taken the collab viewer template, added my own (datasmith from sketchup) content in there. Collab viewer builds, all great.

Then I added a skybox, and suddenly when I click on the ‘walk mode’ button, my character falls a slight amount to hit the ground, and then gets catapulted across the world, and then just falls while still seeing the house in the distance. Switching to fly mode stops me falling (duh :wink: ) but then I have to claw my way back to the starting point. What gives, and why does my skybox have anything to do with this. (could it be I’m being repelled outside the skybox somehow?)

What gives?

Update: figured this out myself - I was following a youtube video to create the skysphere. - Unreal Engine 5 UE5 How to Create a Skybox | Sky & Atmosphere System - YouTube - and it looks like they forgot (or I missed) to turn off various collision settings for the sphere.

Not quite sure why the ‘walk mode’ triggers things but in the sphere settings I turned off everything that sounded collisionish incl getting a jump if receiving damage and it fixed it.

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