Walk direction

Sorry for bad English.
Guys , hello , I have a question for you .
I tried to make a character rotation, depending of the cursor position in SideScroller. I Made it, everything is fine , but now there is one problem .
If the character is looking to the right , the animation walk normal, but if he looks to the left, animation goes backwards.
Can you suggest how to fix it?


That working, but CapsuleComponent will rotate with camera


I would think you would want to set the actor rotation rather than any component. It really depends on how you have your blendspace setup and what you are sending to it in order to blend from forward to backward.

in a side scroller, i don’t recommend that you attach the camera to the pawn. and even if you do keep it inside the pawn, it should have some code that updates its location every tick, based on more than just the players position.

usually side scroller cameras follow the pawn loosely, so the player can turn around without moving the camera, and the camera should have extra rules for when the player goes too high or too low. many side scrollers have the camera stop at a door, and when the player goes through the door, the camera catches up on the other side, kinda like megaman rooms.