walk cycle animation - loop at the same position

I am using mixamo walk cycle animation (a character walking two steps forward). I want this character to walk from A to B.the distance between A and B is about 10 steps.
I can’t find way to make it really move relatively forward and not repeat the same cycle, starting from the same initial position A.
I have red the root motion posts but it is not working…
any advice? many thanks

When you export animations via Mixamo website, click each movement animation and tick “RootMotion”, then the animation stays in place. (Not all animations from Mixamo support it). There is also a way to use none rootmotion animations with Unreal, but i never tried this.

Thanks, but i am not sure you answered my question. my problem is that the walking cycle animation stay in one place and I want it to move . (I want the character will keep on moving forward, and not walk in cycle in one spot).

Ah okay, you need to setup an Animation Blueprint, and assign this to your character, the first videos of this tutorial series here explain that

Sorry but still i cant find it, can you point to the video ?

better just link him to the actual learning videos from the wiki:

Enable or disable “Root Motion”. It will force the character to stay in place, even
when the animation is designed to move it over a distance.