Walk Crouch Jump

(Sorry for my bad english, i hope you guys understend what i asked)

Hello guys, i am new at Unreal Engine 4.I dont know about codes stuff so i use blueprints.I am not using model and animation made by myself beacuse i need to understand UE4 first and what i am capable of.I am using mixamo model and animations beacuse its free and looks good enough.Anyways i look bunch of tutorial videos and i import a mixamo character and add idle/walk animations and jumping for first state of thirdperson game sample of UE4 beacuse all thirdperson game making tutorials begins with UE4’s thirdperson game sample and i add crouching and sprinting after that.I am satisfied at results but something is bothering me and i cant find any videos for that.I have 3 questions.

  • First the event begins my character walk speed is 400 and she is jogging, when i press tab she is walking and press tab again back to jogging and hold shift she is sprinting and if i release is going to attached walking speed node so if sprint release attached jogging state and if my character is walking state and when i press shift and sprinting no matter what i do its back to jogging state.My first question is how can i fix it to (if its walking state, after sprinting it has to go back walking state) (if its jogging state, after sprinting it has to go back jogging state) ?

  • The crouching is fine, when i press ctrl she is crouhing and when i press ctrl again its going back to idle again but i wanna make,if she is crouhing when i hold shifti want her go faster with diffrent animation.My second question is how can i make her faster in crouch state ?

  • When she is crouching i want to activete space for jumping animations.My third question is how can i make her jump when she is crouch state ?

I am adding pics from my project (like character blueprint, animation blueprint, blendspaces, states and transitions)

Thats all.If you guys can help i would be grateful.