Walk and Run Animation

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I’m new into stuff like Character Animation. I made a Character with Fuze and downloaded some Animations from Mixamo. I implemented them and its working fine. But I don’t understand how I can implement things like “Start Running”,“Stop Running” or turning Animations. My Character just starts running and ends it and turning left or right looks awful. Can someone explain me how I can implement this? Full instructions aren’t nessasary, I kinda wanna figure it out myself but some hints or tips would be appreciated!

Depends if you are using root motion or in place. The most common approach is to tie the the start into into the capsule speed if using in-place animations and you can set an exit rule in the state machine that tells the animation migration to stay in the state until the speed of the capsule has reached say 10$ of it’s full speed setting.

Walk and Run Animation

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