walk about

Hi all.

Seen lots of interior scene vids where the user walks around the scene freely. I can create camera animations but not sure how to achieve the 1st person walk about and record it?



Assuming your Matinee is all set up and ready to go, you can add this string to the level blueprint.


When you record a movie through the matinee editor, it will run through your sequence, and then it will place you, as the player, in the spawn location that you have set up. You can then play as you normally would, walk around, and when you’re finished, end the recording.

You just need to make sure the container containing the spawn location is facing the correct direction and is in an accessible place. That’s about it through, pretty simple. :slight_smile:

If you’re able to navigate the game already the way you want then you can also use something like Open Broadcaster Software to just record your screen to a video file. Using Matinee is a way to define a smooth camera animation rather than walking through it like you would a game.

CBR0M3, that’s it, once the capture has finished I end up out side of the room (interior) so how can I adjust my spawn location? Thanks

Look for this in your level. It’s called the “Player Start” I believe.


Just rotate it to the correct direction you want to be facing, or move it around the level. More information can be found here:

Got it, thanks matey