Waling on derelict space craft surfaces and scafolding rthan a floor

Hi everyone,

Sorry abit te horrble typos :slight_smile:

Just wondering how you would approach a level or map where there is no “floor” but rather drifting asteroids or the left over debris of a derelict space craft. Would you just set up collisions for the meshes and by default you would just be able to walk on it with your character? Imagine just an arbitrary “shot apart” mess of a ship structure where it has pieces of metal and structure just sticking out into space and you wanna walk and jump from one piece to another and also onto an asteroid drifting by. Would you start with just a sky dome and no floor? Then just bring static meshes into the map, built lets say in Blender?

Take the “Void” in Dishonored for example. Hoping and climbing onto drifting debris or large rocks just floating in a space.

Just add a skydom with a space texture - create the meshes in blender - add a collision - place them -> you will be abel to walk on them as long as they have a collision :slight_smile:

Thanks . Here is my quick test. This is what I meant.
Works fine I just wished I could add gradients to collisions so you could slip and slide off edges
rather than just falling off it suddenly.
Can you add “weight” to your character so it would break through a thin floor or cause a mountain ledge
to collapse?