Waking up bodies of physic asset + skeletal mesh attached to socket

Hi all,

Well, I’m having positioning problems with some skeletalmeshes attached to the skeletal mesh of the character. I’m going to provide a video to clarify problem. [- YouTube][1] The character study case has those peculiarities.:

  1. Two axes (dark blue ones) as skeletal meshes attached to sockets.
  2. Apex Cloth (light blue).
  3. Character skeletal mesh (green one).
  4. The hair is a skeletal mesh (yellow one) attached to a socket. Like the axes.
  5. Two ornaments on chest (red one). It’s movement is defined by a physic body of the physic asset of the character wich are waked up after spawn the character.

The problem is more noticeable when the frame rate decreases a big amount. To force that situation I’m just focusing another application different than the editor. From the second [24][2] to 38 the framerate decreases.
As can be seen, both the hair and the weapons begins to suffer a bad positionning.
This shouldn’t be happenneing even with a low framerate.

To wake up the physic bodies, I’m just calling the BP method SetAllBodiesBelowSimulatePhysics giving the name of the hierarchy bones parent wich are going to be influenced by the physicbody of the physic. After that, I call SetAllBodiesBelowPhysicsBlendWeight giving the same bone name as before,and setting a value for PhysicsBlendWeight parameter to 1. Just to give the physics all weight over the animation.

The cloth is working perfectly even with a wind/fun set. But the attached skeletal meshes are not working as expected. This problem raises the physic bodies begin to simulate. [If I set in SetAllBodiesBelowPhysicsBlendWeight a value of 0 (no physic simulation for physic bodies)][4], the skeletal meshes attached works perfectly, even with a low framerate.

So, any ideas about what is hapenning?.

Thanks in advance,

It was an engine bug described and fixed here for UE 4.8 version: