Wakamole game using blueprint


Hello! My name is and im sorta new around these forums. Ive been working in the industry for about 7 years as an environment artist. Somewhere along the way of working tirelessly for other peoples games most of us forget why we even got in the industry. For me it was pretty simple, i had dreams of making big *** swords and power ups for games like Ocarina of Time! I was young back then…hehe. Which now with the release of unreal 4, i decided to take a step back and learn this super powerful thing called blueprint to attempt to make my own games, on my own time. And feel really excited about it!! Even if they are not AAA games, but at least i will be finally making games on my own, instead of making them for someone else…

This project started as a simple way to dwelve into blueprint, and see what was possible to do with it. I have tried in the past to get into unreal scripting, made a vehicle or two, but it was never fun for me. Being an artist at heart, i found that spending lots of time doing programming was hurting my trade as an artist. So i dropped it to focus more on my enviroment art. So here… it is…thanks to blueprint i was able to bring an idea to life! :smiley:

I have to admit that it was not easy at first. Thanks to the amazing resources that Epic has made available to the public i was able to find my answers either looking through documentation, looking at

As for the game itself my goal was pretty simple, get all the game logic down first. Then work on some design elements. Finally do the easy part, some environment art! My buddy Arturo Duenas served as graphic designer. Making the logo for the game. I did all the blueprint, characters, animations, environment, materials, ligthing and post. The biggest thing is that i wanted to make this game for the android platform, as i am currently working on mobile games over at Hammer and Chisel. All for pure practice and fun! Mostly worked evenings and some weekends.

Here is what i did on the first few nights, after looking around at the sample files and reading about blueprint. Figured out simple logic, and some ui stuff.

I then made a signficant jump in the quality of the environment and animations… as well as getting this baked and show up on my gallaxy s5!

Here are some breakdowns of the mole and the environment.





Thanks to everyone who took the time to look through. I dont know if ill keep working on this project. I feel that after 3 months ++ ive gotten the experience and knowledge i wanted out of it. So who knows, maybe ill start something new, or continue to add levels. However, i do welcome feedback! :slight_smile:


Hey there, i fixed your Youtube links, but your Pictures aren’t loading on my end.

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Hey Raul! Looking awesome man! you got plans to release this?