Waiting Nearly a Month for Unreal Support

Hiya! Does anyone have any suggestions on getting support from Unreal?

I’ve waited nearly a month now on getting clarification on how to correctly implement a start-up movie to Unreal’s specifications and its holding back the full release of our game.


Have you setup the project to load the movie? Just being in the movies folder won’t start the video on start up you have to set which movie to play.

To set the startup movie go into your project settings and then click on “Movies” there you will see the startup movie options and the ability to add them to an array:

Hi .

Epic Games does not provide dedicated development support for the default EULA access to the Unreal Engine. We are able to help on occasion, but there is no guarantee.

For full details about the degree of support provided and the options available to you, please see: Unreal-Engine-Support für Hilfe und Kundendienstangelegenheiten besuchen - Unreal Engine

Regarding how to implement a startup movie, Black Phoenyx covers that in his answer below. If you experience issues, this forum thread may help. If you follow through, do not get your expected results, and believe there may be an engine bug, then please log a bug report by the process listed here so that we can investigate.


Hi Stephen!

Thanks for your assistance. Yes, I know how to use the start-up movie feature but it still doesn’t play at the start unfortunately

I’ve already read the forum you mentioned maybe two dozen times and it still doesn’t help. I’ve followed the random stabs in the dark others have suggested but they still don’t work either.

Can you suggest what size and specifications are necessary for a movie to play at startup? It’s rather strange because it plays fine with media player in the actual game.


I understand that this information regarding Startup movies is missing, and although I don’t have the information you are looking for on-hand, I am looking into what information we have to share.

For any updates, I will respond to your original question: Start-Up Movie Requirements Clarification - Programming & Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums

For this question regarding waiting on support, I’m marking my original comment as an answer, and I am closing this post to prevent any cross-over and confusion between the two posts.