Waiting for the mail for my Assets

Hi there i am waiting for the mail from the marketplace about the status of my new assets namely Realistic Forest Pack and Stylized Forest for past 9 days. and also i have send you 2 reminding mail to the marketplace. but still i have not received any mail from marketplace.

i want to know the status of my assets ?

Hi there!

Sorry about that! Let me locate your ticket and follow up with you there.



Hi again!

It looks like Reuben already reach back to you. We do apologize for the delay there. If you have any questions further then what was addressed in your e-mail please let us know!



Hi there.
I am really happy to see your mail. and also i am very sorry for the reminder mail because i don’t know about the holidays. if so i am very happy to wait for few days.I apologize for my misunderstanding.

And Happy Holidays
cheers :slight_smile: