Waiting for Mail Reply

hi there.
can i know the status of my assets in the marketplace. because i have submitted my asset on 25-11-2015. and you have mail me that my asset have been pass on all the internal testing in unreal engine. and you have mail me that i will be receiving another mail by next week on 30-12-2015. and still now i have send you 2 mail. and no reply to my mail.

i posting this on forum because i have not received any mail from you.

please reply me

Don’t worry about it, I was waiting about 3.5 months for being reviewed :slight_smile: Epic do their best to check as soon as possible

nice to hear lots of people are facing the same problem. we are all in the same boat.

and i can understand the epic is doing something great which no one can do in the world and the work are really really super . but any way epic has to take some serious step on this problems.


Plus there were the christmas holidays :wink: