Waiting for approval?

How long does an approval of a question take ?, havent tried posting anything before.

It barely takes any time at all. people can just take a while to answer.

My question in Blueprint Scripting, has been waiting for approval in about 3 hours now. ?

Sorry for inconvenience, there always someone looking in to moderation list at least once a day, so max time is about 24 hours, i never seen question waiting longer.

I don’t conditions all the condition for question being thrown to auto-moderation, but i notice 2 patterns, one is when bad word is used, 2nd when large log is pasted in question without code formatting so avoid those. But theres more, it was adjusted to absorb all those spam was recently here, so it can easily auto-moderate legitimate questions, but it can’t be helped.

I approved your question just now, it’s up :slight_smile:

Many Thanks ! :slight_smile: