wait time after basic changes


I’m just getting started, but it seems like often times I have a pretty good wait time when I do certain changes, that when I watch people do these changes in video’s they don’t have. So I’m wondering if I just don’t have a setting wrong or something (everything is I think default).

For example, if I bring in a basic box, and change the dimensions it literally takes 10-15 seconds.

I have an i-7 920 with 24 gbs of ram and a GTX 760, so I don’t think it’s the computer.

Any ideas?


You shouldnt be having any problems at all with that system. It may be related to the gfx driver, the OS or something running in the background.

I restarted my computer and that helped some, but it’s still seems laggy.

Question, I made a pretty big map with the landscape tool, could that be causing it? Should I start with a smaller map instead?

It could be that the landscape is causing that, but when exactly do you have those “lags”? e.g when they just appear when you use brushes, you could turn off update bsp automatically. You can do that in Edit>EditorPreferences>Miscellaneous

I doubt it. I have an i5 3570, 8GB RAM, GTX 460, and i can have a 4033x4033 landscape and work without a problem.

Edit: After seeing fighter’s post i should point out that i dont use BSP’s.

I get the lags if I do something like resize or move a simple box (amongst other things). I will try changing those settings and see if it helps.


Well, I went ahead and ordered a new i7-4930 plus mb and SSD drive. I figure that plus a clean install should fix a multitude of sins. Looking forward to getting it going over the weekend.

You could have tried formatting the PC before ordering new parts, but anyway…you’ll have a happier life with that CPU and SSD!

Pull up your system resource monitor and see if you’ve got anything going on there, it may give you a clue. Is your landscape properly LOD’d out? I know it’s possible to effect the performance tremendously if you don’t have that set up sanely.

I’m not even sure what LOD’d means. I assume it’s not laugh out daily :slight_smile:

My landscape was just the standard 63, 63. Basically I click landscape, select grass, and then fill world. Also, I’ve noticed that performance is often much better at when I load and then usually gets worse the longer that I’m on. Either way, I figure a free install plus the new power should fix it.

And I imagine the new setup should provide enough power for a couple of years.

LOD = Level of detail ^^ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=17pcyPVplEc

I would recommend you to cull the grass -> in your foliage tool just enable the culling: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l-05YYzxjjw (1:50)

Well, I’ve got the new system installed, and lag issues are gone. Course there’s a clean install as well, so it could always be that, but I’m sure the extra power doesn’t hurt.

Also ty for the video’s I watched your ice one, amazing. I want to figure out how to apply some of that to my mountains

Therefore I would recommend you to take a look at the elementar demo :slight_smile:

Ok, now I know it has to be something I’m doing wrong. I’m working on my new level, and lag issues are starting again. CPU says it’s only around 20-25% but basic changes looking just moving a BP around are causing 5-10 secs of lag.

So here’s what I have done so far.

Created a standard 63 63 landscape. With a bit of terraforming. Adding a small river with splines and the defualt lake water mesh. created 1 house and 1 tower and 1 bridge. Everything is with BP’s because I’m still trying to figure out 3D max or maya.

My tower and bridge are curvy from using the cylinger tool, and I also used that to create negative space under the bridge, and in a whole in the top of the tower for my stairs to go out. Oh wait, I also built a deck off the 2nd floor of the house, none of this seems like it should be too fancy.

Do I need to turn everything into a static mesh once I’m done with it? If so that seems super limiting at this stage of the game when I might be changing it around a lot. Oh, I should note my BP’s all have materials on them. Again base materials from the start pack.


with BP you mean blueprints or the BSP brush geometry? :slight_smile: Normally you dont have to convert them to a static mesh, but of course when you convert them, it shouldn’t lag anymore when you move your object.

Have you already seen this thread? https://answers.unrealengine.com/questions/39801/move-geometry-freezes.html when it doesn’t solve your problem, I would recommend you to post it onto answerhub :wink:

Btw, when you like you could send me the laggy level and then I will try out if I also get those problems

I converted a bunch of my BSP’s to static mesh’s and that seemed to fix the problem for now. However, now I can’t seem to put a whole in my tower, lol. Oh well, maybe people can get in by magic