Wait for some time before executing

Hi there guys i am creating stamina logic and when my character should be attacking the stamina will stop increasing and AFTER he is done with attacking then stamina will wait like 3 sec before increasing itself again. Is there any way how to do it? Delay node is not helpful because it will execute just one EVERY 3 seconds and i want it just for the one time after he is done with that attacking.
there is my Blueprint for Stamina:

There is no need for this to be on tick first off. Use timers instead. A lot easier to manage. And super helpful for this example especially. Hmm, I can’t even point you to a decent tutorial, since they are all using tick…

Anyway, set timer, loop it, every 1 sec. Now you have a stamina regen/sec rate.

Pause it when player is in attack mode, unpause it whenever you want. If you want to have a separate timer, for “delay” you can or just put a delay before you unpause the timer.

Wow i did not even think of Timers. Maybe because i did not work with them :confused: Thanks really it is what i wanted :slight_smile: