"Wait for event 18"

I’m having performance issues after a while of playing and all I can gather from the profiler is this “wait for event XX” where the number ranges in the teens.

Any clues please? I tried googling without luck.

There is no transcription of these event numbers. The number is just an identifier that gets incremented every time a new event object is created.

Events are normally used for thread synchronization or other asynchronous operations. So if you see one of your threads spending too much time waiting for some event, look what else has been happening at the same time. Sometimes it’s actually normal. The important thing is to keep your GameThread unblocked.

In your screenshot, you have selected a frame that doesn’t obviously contain anything bad for the game thread. “PoolThread” is a generic name given to a thread that is doing something, not necessarily blocking other threads. In your case, PoolThread 1 seems to be doing async texture streaming, for which it is perfectly normal to spend a long time waiting for an event.

I can also see a shader compilation thread. Seems like at this point the game is streaming resources, and sometimes this may cause the main thread to stall. You need to expand the “GameThread” event and look where does it spend its time.