VXGI still won't work (UnrealBuildTool Error)

I have been trying to get VXGI set up for the past week with no luck. I am trying to install VXGI 4.15 into UE4 but I keep getting different errors with each approach I take. This time I got “UnrealBuildTool Exception: ERROR: A game project path was not specified” when I ran the GenerateProjectFiles.bat. The Setup.bat worked just fine but this is my next obstacle I have to face. If anybody could help me finally get VXGI working would be a big help.

Me too mate. Struggling to get this done. Cab’t even get get past generateprojectfiles.bat I get an error in red. Doing my head in :slight_smile:

Hey -

Please check the answer provided by Tim here: How I add VXGI not from Github - Programming & Scripting - Epic Developer Community Forums . If you connect your Epic Games account and you GitHub account, you should be able to download the engine from the link provided in Tim’s response.