VXGI and Unreal Engine 4 - Rendering issues R

Hi all,

I’ve recently built a 4.15 VXGI branch and tested the Realistic Rendering scene ( downloadable from the UE4 marketplace ) in order to play around with GI.

Everything looks good and, using the post process volume, I’m able to tweak and set all the various features ( bounces, reflections, and so on ).

I tried to use the Vive to see the scene in VR, but looks like there is something wrong within the rendering itself…
Looks like that the left eye rendering is almost completely dark, while the right eye rendering is overexposed, so seeing the scene with the Vive the results are pretty bad.

I would like to know if some specific features needs to be added/tweaked in order to have a proper VR rendering, or if I need to merge the VXGI branch with some other branches, in order to be able to use VXGI in VR.
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If this can help here I’m using a MSI VR One with a GTX 1070


In my testing on the most recent NVIDIA branch (4.19 I believe) this no longer occurs. Do you need to use the 4.15 branch, if not I would try 4.19.

Here’s the link:

i used both of the 4.15 and 4.19 branch and got the error and did not get the solution that can help, i find a temporary fix but looking for right solution thanks