VXGI 4.17 terrible 5 FPS performance

My VXGI 4.17.2 build is running terribly, from demos i saw this cannot be right. Its running at 5 FPS max when i check “Enable Diffuse Tracing”, my scene doesn’t even change.

My pc is low end but i didn’t expect to have this kind of performance at all, never get this with LPV.

AMD FX 6300
RX 460

Below are the vxgi settings.

we also need to know how big your scene is.
im running a 980ti with 4770k i7
i have a small room lit just by vxgi, it runs smooth as butter at 144 fps (first screenshot)
i also have a forest scene running vxgi and volumetric light from nvidia, if i crank up the settings it runs at 10 fps
@Nocturness has a good scene to test vxgi over here:…h-studio-setup
download that and see how it runs. post #4 has some console settings to use as well.
let us know how it runs for you
Edit: didnt see your post about 1 cube…not sure if its just your hardware or if something in the engine has gone wonky

So i ran a quick test, blank scene, no geometry, 1 directional light(movable), 1 post process volume.

this is what i get, see screenshot below, thats ridiculous and i wonder whats wrong with my build or my hardware.

my gpu goes on 100% when i enable vxgi but this doesnt make sense at all.