VXAO Forest

Hi Guys,

I made this little video showing NVIDIA VXAO in action. It was a nice exercise and I hope you like the results!
Full post with some additional info can be viewed HERE

Looks amazing!

That really is gorgeous, thanks for the informative post too (I can see I have to give the nvidia builds a new whirl…).

Its looking wonderful. :slight_smile:

Wow. Thanks all!:slight_smile: @Ravneson: VXGI build 4.11 should be in the making so whenever that’s released yeah, give it a spin. It really is great stuff!

@Chesire : Oh, I will. been meaning to dust off & re-do my thesis project. VXAO looks very promising in that regard!

Wow, this looks REALLY good! Colour me impressed!

Good job!:smiley:

Very realistic looking.

Excellent work!

A couple of questions?

How long did it take to produce this?
What kind of machine are you using?
How hard is it to set up VXAO?


Thanks everyone! Really appreciate all the nice comments. You guys are awesome! :o
@RI3DVIZ: If you don’t count endless -and futile- experimenting with Speedtree wind and procedural foliage volumes, it took a day. Include named experiments, 2 days. Guessing some 6 hours or so per day.
I’m on a i7 X980 3.33GHZ, 24GB ram, 500GB SSD, Titan-X, the latter being the only top notch component in my pc :smiley: VXAO is very easy to setup. Downloading and compiling the VXGI version of the engine might seem a bit daunting for some at first, but it really isn’t very complicated (more annoying that it’s separate). Once that’s done, using VXAO is just a toggle in your ini or via console. You can tweak a lot of settings in your PPV or via console.

Thanks for the info, my machine isn’t that good - only an i5 quad core and Nvidia GT 720.
So, am I correct no lightmapping needed with VXAO? I HATE lightmapping! :smiley:

You should be able to run it easily. Yes ofc Titan-X helps a lot but VXAO/VXGI is very scaleable. With this scene, biggest performance hit came from all the little foliage.
No lightmapping required indeed. Which is just heaven yes! :smiley: Don’t expect Lightmass quality ofc. It’s good but not nearly that good. Maybe in some years :slight_smile:

Your last scene with the log on the ground looks as good as anything I have seen in UE4! Great again and thanks for the info.

very inspiring artwork u have there. may I know how you output the video? Using matinee? or screen capture video software? thanks!!!

Thank you @horoxhoro :slight_smile: I rendered each clip as a matinee .jpg image sequence at 60fps. These sequences I then converted to .mp4’s with high bitrate in after-effects. Finally I stitched the movie together with a much lower bitrate in After-Effects too. I realize doing it like this is bad for quality somewhat but otherwise After-Effects crashes on the sheer number of frames involved or becomes very slow due to huge files. No additional post-processing btw. If I do stuff like that, I always mention it.

Hi chesire, does matinee video output have anti aliasing with it. I have tried matinee to out . jpg image sesquence but AA never bake in into the matinee output :frowning: and yours look great

Hmm, it should have AA. Odd that yours doesn’t. Do you have a Post-Processing Volume setup correctly before rendering your sequence?