Vulkan still uses DirectX Libraries

As I’m currently working on a project for Linux and Windows using Vulkan as my chosen RHI I noticed that packaged application that has nothing but Vulkan used for it still uses d3dx9.dll and d3dx11.dll as I have mindset of “If you want something done, do it yourself” I’m diving in source code to check if this is just routine, or this is the sole fact why Vulkan RHI is still experimental. What buggers me is, if it still needs Directx to work then I’d have to learn Vulkan and make a contribution to the UE4 and nobody likes to do work ( ͡° ʖ̯ ͡°) (I’m using master branch of UE4 so I’m on "“4.21"”)

Before you say anything, note that DOOM doesn’t need Directx libaries to work in Vulkan rendering mode (I checked it myself). So there has to be a way to do it in UE4 too.

PS: Reason why it is in General Discussion is because I’ve no idea where to put this topic as I haven’t been here for couple of years now.

Could profiling utils offer some more clues maybe
Proc-Mon (Sysinternals) / Depends.exe (Microsoft)

Put it here: Vulkan status - Unreal Engine Forums

Full PC/Linux support of Vulkan is not yet in the engine, only the mobile Vulkan version is implemented. Hopefully it will be in 4.21, here’s some more info:

VulkanRHI doesn’t need DirectX, else it wouldn’t run on Linux and it runs because I am using it the whole time. It supports already SM5 for a while so what DotCam is saying is not correct. So what you see is maybe a bug in the packaging tool.