Vulkan/DX12 Roadmap? (And a Q and A section on the Forum xD )

So I’ve watched the Kronos conference and see how incredibly massive an undertaking Vulkan support is. That said, I’m not sure when to expect either of these to be ready. I’m pretty sure it’s a “When it’s done ™” sort of thing but as that conference is the best indication / resource of the current timeline I’d like to see some sort of “here’s where we are” on both DX12 and Vulkan support. At the moment it looks like Vulkan is only for mobile devices and DX12 is, at the very least, not officially supported? And my understanding is that the reason for both of these is because it requires a pretty heavy re-write of several sections of the engine + additional (vast) bug cleanup + un-hacking your code that “shouldn’t have worked in the first place” :stuck_out_tongue:

Is this targetted about early next year, a specific build, ect. ? ; I’m just not sure on timelines as focus shifts a lot at Epic as things come up and people get stolen from their work to do other things.

My main driving curiosity for this is 2 things:

  1. My CPU is weak. When I bought it I wasn’t working in a 3D environment so I just bought the cheapest CPU that could keep up with my GPU in the games that I played.
  2. Draw calls, man. Draw calls.

To put it simply my Editor opens up at 130FPS in a near-empty world. Open up Blueprints (even near empty ones) and my FPS drops to 30 - 40. I check Resource Monitor and my CPU isn’t keeping up. I’ve run benchmarks ect. It’s clearly my CPU. So maybe draw calls aren’t as bad for others as they are for me but knowing that I was a “smart” consumer and bought this CPU I feel like I have to at least acknowledge that others will have the same struggles I do and should attempt to ease the draw calls. So I’m pretty excited for Vulkan Support (:

I’ve got other solutions in the performance category. Well equipped to deal with this problem without said support. Just rambling. Sorry! D:

Bumping this as it was posted before the maintenance happened.

Tl;dr any estimate on the DX12/Vulkan support for Windows targeted builds?

I’m not sure that the Editor will ever use Vulkan or DX12 for rendering. That said, you said opening Blueprints causes performance drops. How much Ram do you have and do you have an ssd?

If you have low Ram, Blueprints/Editing actors can be very memory-intensive and will slow down your PC. Additionally, DX12 seems to be coming along well, so expect it to be vetted by 4.15 / 4.16.

That sounds great.

And atm I’ve got 8GB of RAM, an A8-5600K, an R9 270, and a standard HDD.

The Unreal Editor always sticks around 2GB of RAM at all times. I’ve never seen my RAM usage go above 65% in Task Manager, actually. As I need to get a new CPU and DDR4 is a thing (that doesn’t help in any way and I can’t fathom why it exists tbh) I’ve decided to get 16GB at that time as it’ll wind up being a full system build. Including an SSD.

Also, I believe the issues to be relegated to drivers or something. After I reset Windows 10 the same day the Anniversary Update released (it corrupted my OS in a way that I seemingly couldn’t fix after 36 hours of trying) I’ve not noticed any performance hitches at all. Seemed to have been an OS or Driver conflict. Not hardware specific. In fact, a before-after benchmark shows a near doubling in performance for my CPU in both multi and single core processes.